ABC Removes Informative Episode of Catalyst Program

In February, ABC broadcast an episode in its series Catalyst called “Wi-Fried” that contained information about the safety of wireless devices including cellular phones. The program was produced by Doctor Maryanne Demasi, an English researcher who completed a doctorate in medical research at the University of Adelaide and has a decade of experience working as a research scientist at the Royal Adelaide Hospital and an adviser to the South Australian Government’s Minister for Science and Information Economy. An investigation was subsequently initiated by ABC after ABC received viewer complaints about the episode. ABC’s independent Audience and Consumer Affairs subsequently cited Catalyst for including inaccuracies in the program and impartiality. As a result, ABC responded by suspending Doctor Demasi from Catalyst until September of this year.

What Viewers Think

While some viewers disagreed with the information presented by Catalyst, many other viewers agreed with the details that the program presented. It is also worth remembering that the “Wi-Fried” episode went through the thorough review of an editorial policy department prior to airing. This editorial policy department required that several high-powered individuals including the series producer and the head of the legal department watch the episode and determine that the discussed dangers presented by wireless technology represented various perspectives on this issue.

Since ABC has decided to censor the “Wi-Fried” episode, many researchers and scientists have responded negatively to ABC’s decision to remove the program. These researchers and scientists argue that there are thousands of scientific papers that have been published concerning the potential harms that wireless technology causes, including cancer, damaged sperm, and negative contribution to symptoms of electro hypersensitivity. These papers have even gone so far as to describe the ways in which wireless technology causes each of these conditions, including abnormal calcium flux from cells, increased permeability of the blood-brain barrier, decreased neurotransmitters, and DNA damage. By responding to “Wi-Fried” in the manner that it did, ABC denied many viewers the opportunity to be informed about the various dangers that are currently presented by wireless technology.

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