Are Cell Phones And Microwaves Equally Harmful?

Are Cell Phones And Microwaves Equally Harmful?

With all the exposure to radiation in our current day, it almost seems impossible to limit your exposure to the varying forms of radiation. Microwave ovens revolutionized quick cooking and re-heating, however the original microwave ovens were not designed well for blocking harmful radiation exposure while cooking. Modern day microwaves are designed to limit human exposure to any harmful radiation.


The radiation used in cell phones is the same as the radiation that is emitted from microwave ovens. The microwave oven and the cell phone both operate at a frequency of 2.45 gigahertz. Even the accessories of blue tooth devices as well as most cordless phones operate within the same frequency range.

Microwaves Ovens Less Harmful

Even though the radiation exposure is on the same frequency between microwave ovens and cell phones, microwave ovens are considered much less harmful to people. When you place food in the microwave oven, you turn it on and either walk away or, if you are standing there waiting, you are still inches and sometimes feet away from the oven itself.

Cell Phones More Harmful

When you are using your cell phone, you are holding the phone directly to your head and the radiation exposure is in direct contact with your soft tissue. Even if you are storing your phone in a pocket or on a hip clip, the radiation from the phone while it is not in use is still affecting your body. The radiation is absorbed directly into your body.

In order to reduce harmful radiation, put distance between your body and your cell phone. Use the speaker mechanism or utilize a headset.

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