Are Maternity Radiation Aprons For Cell Phones And Tablets Safe? What Studies Have Been Done To Prove That These Might Help?

Are Maternity Radiation Aprons For Cell Phones And Tablets Safe? What Studies Have Been Done To Prove That These Might Help

Pregnancy is one of those situations that brings out the inner researcher in many women. She can’t see what is going on inside her body, she can just feel some of the pleasant (and not so pleasant) symptoms of pregnancy. She will take to the internet with her most accessible wireless device and begin to discover how big her baby is each week, how to have a safe pregnancy, what childbirth really looks like and read story after story and connect with other women around the globe with the same due dates, issues, concerns and joys.

The only downfall to this practice is that the cell phone or table that she is using to learn more about how to be safe in pregnancy could be causing damage to her baby in her womb. The radiation from the cell phones has been established by World Health Organization (WHO) as possibly carcinogenic (check out the link if you would like to search the database about radiation and other health risks). That means they do have the potential to possibly cause harm to the pregnant woman and the unborn baby. So what are some options to protect the developing baby and still give her access to the connection of the web?

There are maternity radiation aprons being utilized now, and there is even clothing that is available that contains a blend of non-lead metal and fiber blends. These apron and clothing options can boast 35dB RF radiation attenuation from 10M Hz to 3GHz and beyond according to independently-tested results.

Most professionals that are involved in performing x-rays will also utilize full protection from the radiation given during the procedure. These full coverage aprons are filled with a blend of lead and other metals mixed with pvc that are much more significant in weight, and components because they are protecting from a larger burst of radiation.

Whenever you are researching maternity radiation aprons for you to utilize while on your cell phone or tablet, read the components and the material that they have implemented to know if the long term use of the apron itself is safe.

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