Are Newer Phones Less Likely To Cause Cancer From Radiation?

Are Newer Phones Less Likely To Cause Cancer From Radiation?

Cell phones work by sending and receiving signals from nearby cell towers. These signals use radiofrequency (RF) waves. Like radio waves, microwaves, and heat, RF waves are a form of non-ionizing radiation. They are different from ionizing types of radiation such as x-rays, which can break the chemical bonds of DNA.

What Makes Newer Cell Phones Different?

The amount of RF waves that a cellphone gives off and is absorbed into the body is called the “specific absorption rate” or SAR. Cell phone manufacturers are required to give the maximum SAR level of their products to the Federal Communication Commission (FCC). This information is often found in the phone’s user manual. While the maximum SAR value in the US is 1.6 watts per kilogram of body weight, these values can be misleading. The listed SAR value applies to the phone operating at its highest power not normal usage. The actual SAR varies based on several factors including how close the user is to a cell tower, signal traffic, and whether or not the user is in a building which would cause the cell to use more power to gain a signal.

The age of the cell phone is not directly related to the RF value of each phone, as different phones of the same age will still have significantly differing values. For example see our post “iPhone vs. Android: Does One Give Off More Radiation Than The Other?” Instead, it is important to note what the SAR value is, how often and for what duration the phone is used, whether or not a hands-free such as a blue tooth is used, and where you are in relation to a cell tower.

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