Beverly Dad Raises Concerns Regarding Dangers Of Cell Towers

A parent in the Chicago area is tackling the concerns that many other parents have regarding the dangers presented by cell phone towers. As of the most recent report, the parent was seeking approval of a petition that already has 767 supporters. The online petition contains a short video of the parent’s child who was sent to an alternate first grade over concerns related to radio frequency radiation. All parents should understand the essential details about this case in order to understand how many metropolitan areas are responding to the dangers presented by cell phone radiation.

Chicago’s Response To The Situation

The Chicago Public Schools have referred to standards established by the Federal Communications Commission regarding safe RF radiation. The Chicago Public School’s spokesman has also referred to reports from the American Cancer Society downplaying the threat presented by wireless technology. The Chicago Public School’s spokesman has also referred signers of the petition to the fact that local school councils are allowed to decide if a cell phone tower should be built, and even then a third party researches the potential impact of this tower on the area.

The Argument Of The Petition

The petition in question seeks to demonstrate the exact dangers presented by wireless technology. While the amount of an average cell phone call amounts to a radiation reading of .3 volts per meter, the campus in question shows readings of 6 volts per meter. These findings come at a time when the American Academy of Pediatrics has expressed significant concerns of the dangers of cellular phone radiation. The individual who started the petition has expressed a desire for the parents of students enrolled in the Chicago Public School system to receive annual notification when cell phone towers attached to their school.

The petition also expresses a desire for parents who are concerned by these towers to be allowed to transfer their children to nearby schools without towers. The parent who started this petition argues that reports downplaying the dangers of cellular technology have not entirely ruled out the risk and all noted that wireless technologies may still potentially be carcinogenic to individuals who are exposed to deadly amounts of radiation. As a result, this petition takes into consideration all sides of the dangers presented by cell phone radiation and still demonstrates the dangers posed by this technology.

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