California Records Reveal Cellphone Dangers Redacted from Some Reports

Recently released records show California state health officials reworked a list of cellphone dangers nearly thirty times before abandoning the project altogether. When the project was abandoned, the findings made by the officials along with the warnings the officials believed were appropriate at the time work on the project was underway were not disclosed or made public. Some of these warnings and concerns included:

  • A warning for California state employees that use of their work-issued cellphone over time could increase their risk for developing brain cancer;
  • An advisory indicating that excessive use of cellphones and cordless phones was a “regulatory concern” for the state;
  • An advisory for parents cautioning them about allowing children to use cellphones except in cases of emergencies; and
  • An acknowledgement by the California Department of Public Health that the number of patients being admitted to hospitals for brain cancer would increase and result in increased costs to society.

What was particularly troubling for those who came into possession of the Department’s early drafts is that it appears such concerns about cellphone dangers and radiation were not publicized in any significant way and only came to light as a result of judicial order.

Why Would a State Agency Want to Hide Records?

The California Department of Public Health claims it abandoned its project after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention created and publicized its own guidelines regarding cellphone usage. The Department also indicated that some of its warnings and guidelines did not see the light of day as a result of concerns that a public panic would ensue. Even assuming such reasons and explanations were true and accurate, one cannot help but wonder whether the risk of a public panic or scare truly did outweigh the benefit members of the public might have experienced by having access to the information.

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