Can Cell Phone Radiation Exposure Increase the Risk of Miscarriage?

There is a significant body of scientific literature assessing the negative health effects of prolonged cell phone usage on our children. But these studies typically address children who are up, walking, and using their own smartphones from a young age. What about children who are not yet old enough to walk or even breathe on their own, much less hold a smartphone?

Researchers at Kaiser Permanente in California recently published a study that indicated pregnant women were three times more likely to suffer a miscarriage following exposure to “non-ionizing radiation from magnetic fields.” This type of radiation is produced by cell phones, cellular antenna towers, and other wireless devices using technologies such as Bluetooth. Although the study’s authors did not directly link miscarriages to cell phone use, they did say further research is necessary to determine the overall public health impact of “rapidly proliferating electromagnetic field emissions.”

According to Reuters, the Kaiser Permanente researchers studied 900 pregnant women living in and around San Francisco. Each study participant was required to measure their exposure to electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation for a period of 24 hours. The researchers then accounted for non-environmental factors such as the women’s ages, races, and education levels. Based on their final data, the researchers said that subjects who measured “the highest exposure levels” were “2.7 times as likely to miscarry as women with the lowest levels.”

The authors emphasized they were not attributing the higher exposure levels to any specific source at this time. But they noted that power lines and home appliances like microwaves tend to generate “low-frequency” EM fields, while cell phones and other handheld wireless devices “generate higher frequencies.” Dr. De-Kun Li, one of the researchers, told Reuters that what these results really show is the need for additional research. He said, “We really want people to start rethinking the assumption that magnetic-field exposure is safe,” and that we need to more carefully scrutinize the effect of EMF exposure on “the genetically vulnerable and fetuses.”

Taking Steps to Protect Yourself From Cell Phone Radiation Exposure

The California Department of Public Health recently issued new guidelines advising all residents to minimize their own daily exposure to cell phone radiation by taking simple steps like keeping devices away from their bodies. Such advice may be especially pertinent to pregnant women in light of Kaiser Permanente’s findings. If you have suffered from an adverse health condition and have reason to believe that EMF exposure may be to blame, you should speak with a qualified cell phone cancer attorney who can assess your case and advise you on the appropriate steps to take. Call the offices of Frasier, Frasier & Hickman, LLP, at (918) 584-4724 or contact us online to schedule a consultation today.

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