Can Cell Phones cause Brain Cancer?

Can Cell Phones cause Brain Cancer?

Cell Phone Radiation

The idea that cellular phones cause cancer is a controversial one. While there is some research that suggests that cell phone radiofrequency or RF waves may be damaging to users and the WHO has stated that cell phone use MAY be carcinogenic, there is still more research being done.

What we DO know:

Cell phones work by sending signals to and from Cell towers using RF waves. These waves are like microwaves in that they are non-ionizing waves which means they don’t have enough energy to alter DNA and directly cause cancer. However, they can heat up body tissue and the long term effects of this energy is unknown. There have been and are ongoing studies that show things such as increased glucose activity in the side of the brain exposed to RF waves, as well as human cells (in lab dishes) being exposed to RF waves that might possibly help tumors grow.

The level of RF waves users are exposed to is also determined by other factors such as:

  • The amount the user is using the phone: With the exponential increase in cell phone usage and many households not even having a land line any longer the cell phone is used more and therefore the more RF waves you are exposed to.
  • Whether or not the user is on speaker or using a Bluetooth or other hands free device: The closer the antennae of the phone to your head, the higher the level of RF waves. It has been said that Bluetooth as a low-power technology could reduce the risk of cellphone-induced brain cancer by allowing users to talk into their handsets at a distance instead of holding them directly up to their heads.
  • The distance to the nearest cell tower: A signal from a cell tower to your cellphone has to typically travel several miles, it needs to be much stronger emitting a higher concentration of microwaves.
  • The amount of cell traffic in the area: The more cell traffic in the area the more energy the cell tower has to use to get the signal to your device which in turn causes more energy to be transmitted to your head.
  • The model of phone being used: The amount of RF energy absorbed from the phone into the user’s body is known as the specific absorption rate (SAR). Different cell phones have different SAR levels.

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