Can Cell Phones Cause Cancer in Children More Easily?

Radiofrequency (RF) is the invisible technology that allows us to use cell phones, Wi-Fi, and other wireless technologies. This energy puts out a type of radiation that is absorbed by human bodies, which can cause cellular damage and lead to certain types of cancer. If adults are negatively impacted by RF absorption, children are at undoubtedly more at risk of developing cell phone cancer.

Small Size, Big Consequences

The more RF a human is exposed to, the more likely they are to encounter tissue damage and biological changes that could lead to cancer. Still developing cells are even more vulnerable to cancer-causing damage from RF absorption. Children have a much smaller body mass than adults, yet they are exposed to the same field of radiofrequency, resulting in disproportionate amounts of exposure. A 2010 study found that children experience a higher exposure of cell phone radiation in the brain regions than adults. In fact, children are likely to take in even more RF than adults because of their smaller heads, thinner skulls, and higher amounts of brain activity. This unbalanced proportion of a smaller body size absorbing even a similar level of RF as a larger body size adds up to a higher amount of brain exposure to radiation. Their thinner skulls also allow more radiation to enter into their brain cells, unblocked by fully developed skull tissue. The American Academy of Pediatrics noted that the average RF energy exposure is two times higher in the brain and 10 times higher in the skull bone marrow of children compared to adults after cell phone exposure.

More Time for Exposure to Add Up

Most children now begin using cell phones at far younger ages than earlier generations. Exposure to cell phone radiation begins early and continues as long as children are exposed, which is likely their entire lives. The additional years of exposure causes an even higher level of exposure and damage over time, which can lead to cancer. One study found that children who started using cell phones prior to age 20 are at a higher risk of brain tumors than those who used cell phones after age 20. Many cell phone safety and cancer prevention websites recommend limiting children’s access to cell phones while they are still developing to lower the risk of dangerous side effects.

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