Can You Get Cell Phone Cancer From A Tablet?

Can You Get Cell Phone Cancer From A Tablet?

This simple answer is, yes. Additionally, with the increased use of cell phones and tablets simultaneously the results can be compounded. In essence a tablet works the same way a cell phone does with regard to sending and receiving data through radiofrequency (RF) waves which are a form of radiation. RF waves transmitted through cell phones and tablets can vary in strength depending on various factors including the volume of data transmitted at any given time through the local cell tower. The harder the device has to work, the more frequent and intense the cancer emitting RF waves are.

What factors contribute to exposer from RF waves?

  • Data settings. Unlike cell phones from the 1990s, todays smart phones and tablets are constantly sending and receiving data. Even when you aren’t using the phone to talk, the settings you set will cause the phone to make automation transmissions periodically.
  • Duration of Use. The longer you are on the tablet, the longer you are exposing your body to radiation.
  • The amount of RF traffic at any given time. Tablets and smart phones are designed to work as fast as possible and will increase their effort when traffic volumes are high in order to maintain their speed.
  • Type of tablet. Each device is designed differently and can give off varying amounts of energy.

What can I do to decrease exposure?

The use of tablets has literally exploded due to every increasing desire for immediate content and digital media. Social networks and streaming video while on mobile have literally transformed the way the world navigates their everyday lives. The simple answer to decreasing exposer is to decrease the use of this form of technology or limit direct exposure to it. According to the National Institutes of Health an estimated 585, 720 cancer related deaths and 1.65 million new cancer cases were projected for 2014 in the United States alone. These numbers are staggering and reduced exposure to cancer causing activities is the key to reducing these numbers and protecting your individual health. Contact us today at 918-584-4724.

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