Cell Phone Radiation and Breast Cancer Link

Many men tend to keep their cell phones in their pockets, which has been shown to increase RF exposure and risks of health consequences. Many women, however, hold their phones in their bras. Some sports bra companies have even created bras with pockets specifically for holding cell phones. Given that even cell phone user manuals state that cell phones must be held at specific minimum distances from the body to remain within safe SAR levels, is carrying a cell phone in a bra safe?

Phones’ Close Proximity to Breast Tissue Increases RF Exposure

A 2015 study examined the effect of distance from cell phones and Wi-Fi on breast cancer cells and found that the closer a cell phone was to the skin, the more damage the underlying cells experienced from greater RF exposure. The study showed that radiation increased reactive oxygen species (ROS), which contributes to cancer by preventing cells from repairing themselves when faced with damaging oxidative stress. The fatty tissue in breast cells more readily absorbs radiation than other types of cells, increasing the risk of damage to these cells.

Physician John West, director of surgery at Breastlink in California, believes that cell phone radiation is connected to breast cancer. Several of West’s patients presented with invasive breast cancer at ages as young as 21, which is exceedingly rare: less than five percent of women diagnosed with breast cancer are under age 40, and the American Cancer Society has stated that only 1.5 out of 100,000 women are diagnosed before age 25.  The patients’ mammograms showed cancer cells corresponding exactly to the length and width of their cell phones. These patients indicated that they had stored their cell phones in their bras for years, leading West, along with several colleagues, to publish a case study on four women diagnosed with breast cancer after storing cell phones in their bras ranging in time from several times a week during exercise up to 10 hours a day. Further research by West showed that at least 32 women who were diagnosed with cancer after using bras for cell phone storageWest appeared on Dr. Oz in 2013 to urge young women to find another storage solution and keep cell phones out of bras and away from sensitive breast tissue.

What Should You Do to Stay Safe?

Until warning labels are placed prominently on cell phones advising users to avoid close contact, it is up to consumers to be proactive in protecting themselves from risks of RF exposure. Women must be diligent in keeping phones away from delicate breast tissue to reduce exposure. Instead of keeping a phone in a bra during the day or while exercising, consider using an arm-band, a storage belt, or simply leaving your phone at home. If you have been diagnosed with breast cancer after keeping your phone in your bra, consult with an attorney to determine whether you may be able to seek compensation. Call experienced cell phone cancer attorneys Frasier, Frasier & Hickman, LLP 918-548-4724 or contact us online today for help.

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