Cell Phones and Wireless Technology in Schools

What’s the Problem?

Since May 2011, the World Health Organization has classified wireless technology as a possible human carcinogen based on research. Even more recent research suggests that wireless technology can cause a host of other problems besides cancer.

School aged children are particularly susceptible to the threats presented by wireless technology. Because children have thinner skulls and certain types of tissues, children are more vulnerable to the biological effect of microwave exposure than adults. Stems cells, which are more active in children, are also more affected by microwave radiation. Despite the serious threat wireless technology poses to children, in recent years, schools have begun to introduce policies to introduce wireless technology into schools. Classrooms pose a serious threat due to exposure to multiple sources of wireless radiation. Cell phones, which are classified as radiofrequency radiation, are also part of this equation.

The addition of wireless technology to schools comes at a time when other countries are removing wireless systems altogether from some areas due to potential health risks. These countries include the city of Haifa in Israel, which recently removed all wireless technology from its schools. The country of France has also instituted policies banning wireless technology from kindergarten.

What Steps Are Schools Taking?

Fortunately, some schools are beginning to become alert to the health and environmental dangers presented by wireless technology. 

Some schools are beginning to incorporate low wireless technology environments by using wired technological connections in addition to other measures to reduce the overall impact on students.

Some schools are even beginning to incorporate classes that teach how to reduce the negative impact of wireless technology both at school and home.

Recently, Doctor Devras Davis of the Environmental Health Trust went so far as to write a letter to Governor Brian Sandoval of Nevada urging him to refrain from using wireless technology.

What Steps Can Your School Take?

Schools can take several simple steps to reduce the danger posed by wireless technology, including:

  • Hardwiring all devices rather than relying on wireless technology; and
  • Informing students about the dangers posed by radio frequency exposure at school and home.

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