Italian Court Finds Link Between Cellphone Use and Brain Cancer

A court in Italy recently rendered a groundbreaking decision by ruling in favor of one Roberto Romeo and finding Mr. Romeo’s cellphone use contributed to the development of his cancer. Mr. Romero developed a brain tumor and alleged that his regular cellphone use for several hours per day contributed to his eventual diagnosis of brain cancer. Citing a study conducted by the National Institutes of Health, the Italian judge ruled in favor of Mr. Romero and found that Mr. Romero’s exposure to cellphone radiation due to his use of his cellphone for work for approximately three to four hours per day.

Findings of the National Institutes of Health Study

The study referenced by the Italian court in its ruling studied the effects of cellphone radiation exposure to rats. In the study, the experimental group of rats were exposed to cellphone radiation for nine hours per day for every day over an approximate two-year period. At the end of the study period, those rats that had been exposed to cellphone radiation were found to have a higher incidence rate of tumors than the control Group.

Some have called the results of the study into question, however. For example, some critics claim that rats routinely experience tumors even without exposure to cellphone radiation. Therefore, these critics point out that it is difficult to quantify the role the excessive radiation exposure played in causing the tumors. Other critics point out that even though the rats in the experimental group experienced a higher incidence rate of tumors, the rats in the control group experienced a reduced survival rate. The findings in the study, therefore, do establish a connection between excessive cellphone radiation exposure and brain tumors but the study is not able to accurately describe whether such exposure guarantees the development of brain tumors or whether other factors are more significant in determining whether a brain tumor will develop.

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