Community Protests Cellphone Tower Following Cancer Diagnoses

In the Ripon community – located in the San Joaquin Valley in central California – a recent protest by some two dozen elementary-aged children in the Ripon Unified School District has brought attention to a danger on school property that some parents believe is to blame for recent cancer diagnoses in children. The object of the protests is a cellphone tower located on the property of the Weston Elementary that was erected in 2009 and remains in place despite a finding by the World Health Organization in 2011 that identified cellphone tower radiation as a possible carcinogen.

Tragedy Befalls Students at Weston Elementary School

The protest comes after two students (an 11-year-old and a ten-year-old) were both diagnosed with cancer within months of each other. The 11-year-old child developed a Wilms tumor in his kidney in 2016. Although Wilms’ tumor is a form of kidney cancer that is diagnosed primarily in children, the occurrence of Wilms tumors are rare – especially after the child turns five years of age, according to the Mayo Clinic. The ten-year-old student was diagnosed with a brain tumor just a few months later. Parents of the two children believe that the radiation from the cellphone tower is to blame for their children’s diagnoses and also believe that other children are at risk if the cellphone tower is not removed.

No Answers for Concerned Parents

Concerned parents (including the parents of the 11-year-old and the ten-year-old) have requested information and data from the school district concerning the levels of radiation emitted from the cellphone tower (along with additional data believed to be important and relevant), but their efforts to obtain such information has been futile thus far. This only adds to the families’ frustration and concern.

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