The Dangers of Wireless Technology In the 2016 Presidential Election

As the November 2016 presidential election comes closer, the dangers of wireless technology is a topic that has begun to be discussed by presidential candidates. A video recently emerged online of Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate for president, discussing the various dangers presented by wireless technology. Stein is a licensed physician who obtained a medical degree from Harvard and is intimately familiar with the various dangers presented by wireless technology. In her video, Stein discussed several important points concerning the dangers presented by wireless technology, including the following:

Dangers Presented By Wireless Technology


  • Children’s Brains Are Particularly Susceptible To The Dangers Of Wireless Technology. The most recent scientific research demonstrates that wireless technology is dangerous to children for several reasons. Children and fetuses absorb more microwave radiation because the bodies of children are smaller, children’s skulls are thinner, and children’s brain tissue is more absorbent. Fetuses are even more vulnerable than children and pregnant women should avoid exposing fetuses to microwave radiation.
  • Europe Tends To Follow The Dangers of Wireless Technology More Closely Than Other Countries. Outside of the United States, many countries, including a number in Europe, have begun to recognize the risk presented by wireless technology. The Swedish Hardell Group and Interphone have released studies suggesting a link between cellular technology and brain cancer. The Vienna Medical Society has also released warnings about the dangers presented by cellular technology.
  • It Is Difficult To Study The Dangers Presented By Wireless Technology. It is difficult to study wireless technology because many individuals receive long-term frequent exposure to these signals. Researchers at the National Toxicology Program, a division of the National Institutes of Health, several months ago released a study concerning the dangers of wireless technology. In this studied, some rodents were exposed to radiation levels designed to emulate the same levels that humans who use cellular phones frequently would receive. While reports were released to mixed responses, to truly understand the dangers presented by wireless technology studies must last for a longer period of time in order to accurately demonstrate the long-term radiation exposure received by individuals who use cell phones frequently.

As the dangers of wireless technology begin to be mentioned by presidential candidates, many new individuals are learning about the various dangers presented by wireless technology.

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