Does my risk of radiation go down if I turn my cell phone off?

Does my risk of radiation go down if I turn my cell phone off?

It’s a rare occurrence to come across someone in our daily lives that doesn’t have access to a cell phone. In fact, if you left home without your phone, you would either immediately turn around and get it or would feel like you were desperately missing something all day until you got back home. In March of 2014, TIME Magazine published an article stating that, “Out of the world’s estimated 7 billion people, 6 billion have access to mobile phones. Only 4.5 billion have access to working toilets.”[1]

There have been increasing concerns over the radiation that is emitted from cell phones and scientists have been studying these effects to help identify just how harmful the radiation is and what kind of health issues they may be causing. The Federal Communications Commission has established guidelines that help limit the amount of exposure to harmful radiation that one receives from cell phones.

How Can I Reduce the Risk?

Several suggestions to reduce your radiation experience include the following:

  • Using a headset while talking or the speakerphone.
  • Text instead of talking
  • Never wear your phone or have it in close proximity of your body
  • Turn the phone when not in use or especially at night if you sleep with it close to your bed.

The reasoning behind each of these suggestions is based on distance. The closer in proximity to your vital organs, including your brain, the more likely you will become in contact with radiation that could cause health issues later.

Your body is vulnerable to environmental toxins and radiation at all times, but the peak of vulnerability for your body is at night while you are sleeping. Your body is resting and the repair of the nervous system is at its peak during sleep. It is important to turn your phone off, so your body can repair at its best capacity.

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