French Court Makes Landmark Electro-sensitivity Decision

A court in France has ruled to allow an electro-sensitive woman to have the woman’s electric meter removed. More specifically, the Grenoble District Court ordered the removal of the radio-frequency water meter from the woman’s home because the court recognized the woman’s electro-sensitivity as a handicap. These types of meters are particularly advantageous to companies because the company becomes able to read a meter remotely and directly, which means that the company does not need to hire employees to visit sites to read these meters. While the woman in the case was once able to seek refuge from wireless signals in the basement, a similar meter has been installed in that building’s boiler room. This decision by the court has been heralded as a major step forward for public health issues particularly in regards to wireless and cellular activity.

 Diagnosing Electro-sensitivity

In a world with a growing amount of wireless technology, individuals who experience electro-sensitivity are particularly susceptible to such technology. The most common symptom of individuals who experience electro-sensitivity is a burning sensation in the area most affected by the individual. There may be additional physical signs in an individual including extreme dryness of mucous membranes, a swelling of the mucus membranes, dizziness, headaches, nausea, teeth and jaw pains, aches, pains, and cardiac palpitations. These symptoms must be determined to be directly linked to the presence of wireless technology. Unfortunately, no cure to hypersensitivity exists yet.

Electro-sensitivity Cases within the United States

A number of individuals have filed lawsuits in the United States seeking damages for harm caused by electromagnetic radiation. In 2012, a New Mexico judge dismissed a lawsuit in which one person sought compensation alleging that their electro-sensitivity was caused by radiation from a neighbor’s wide array of wireless technology. There has yet to be a case in the United States to reach results that were anywhere near as positive as the manner in which the case concluded by the French court. However, the positive results of this French case create the impression that cases heard in the United States might begin to reach similarly positive results.

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