How Do I Find Out What The SAR Rating of My Cellphone Is?

How Do I Find Out What The SAR Rating of My Cellphone Is?

There is a great deal of information flying around the internet about how cell phone radiation and electromagnetic fields emitted from these devices is causing brain cancer and several other types of cancers as well. One thing the internet is good for is fear-mongering. It is important to have a reputable source to refer to when searching out the safest phones for you and your family.

What Is The SAR?

One standard that has been set in place is an SAR rating for cell phones. The SAR is the Specific Absorption Rate of the radio frequency energy that is absorbed by the body during mobile phone usage. The Federal Communications Commission was given the task of evaluating the radio frequency energy released from many different cell phone models.

According to the Federal Communications Commission, it is confusing to many because the assumption is made that a lower SAR value will mean that that phone is a safer alternative to its counterparts. In reality, “the SAR values collected by the FCC are intended only to ensure that the cell phone does not exceed the FCC’s maximum permissible exposure levels even when operating in conditions which result in the device’s highest possible – but not its typical – RF energy absorption for a user.”[1]

The FCC has implemented an ID number into every phone, so that research on the SAR value for each phone can be easier to obtain. The manufacturers do have information available for their individual products, however, the Federal Communications Commission has SAR values for many different manufacturers available on their website.

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