How Does Radiofrequency Negatively Affect The Body?

Radiofrequencies are a form of energy. More specifically, radiofrequency (RF) energy is a type of low-frequency electromagnetic radiation. It comprises the invisible waves that connect to an antenna through space and allow us to use technology like microwaves, televisions, and yes, cell phones. Every device that uses RF energy releases a certain amount of radiofrequencies, and because of your proximity to that energy, your body will absorb a certain portion of radiation, called a specific absorption rate (SAR). Nearly everyone is aware of the dangers of high-frequency radiation, such as in x-rays, but many are not aware of the negative effects of low-frequency radiation via radio frequencies.

Negative Effects on the Body

High-frequency radioactivity, like that from x-rays, wreaks havoc on the body. Exposure from this type of radioactivity damages DNA inside of cells by causing atoms to eject electronics, leaving behind only positive ions, or free radicals, that can damage DNA. The cell may die or repair itself incorrectly, which can then cause it to grow into cancer.

Low-frequency radioactivity, like that from your cell phone, works differently in the body. RF is a non-ionizing type of energy, meaning that it has enough energy to cause movement within a cell, but not enough to actually remove particles like electrons from the cell. Although this movement of cell particles does not cause cancer in the same way as high-frequency ionizing energy, any movement in the cells can alter DNA, causing biological effects that lead to cancer. The movement of cells causes friction and a rapid buildup of heat, which is harmful to human tissue. Think of how your microwave heats your food; this is what RF energy does to the body. High exposure to RF energy can damage this tissue because the human body cannot handle the extra heat load, especially in more sensitive areas like the eyes. The heat resulting from excessive exposure to RF energy can also cause burns, tissue breakdown, and cataracts. Cell phones in particular, may overload the brain because of the amount of time a cell phone is placed directly against the ear. This excessive RF exposure to the brain can cause molecular damage in the brain, potentially resulting in brain tumors.

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