How harmful to a baby is it if I use my cell phone while pregnant?

How harmful to a baby is it if I use my cell phone while pregnant?

Pregnancy comes with so many questions, quirks and nuances. Every new twinge or feeling makes a new mom wonder what is going on inside of her as she marvels at the miracle of the baby growing. She gets to scroll through page after page of information at her fingertips with her cell phone. She is an active part of social media and takes great pride in knowing that she can learn anything and everything about her baby inside of her.

In May 2011, the World Health Organization (WHO) took back their original classification of cell phones and reclassified these useful devices as “possibly carcinogenic.” Chloroform and lead have also been placed in this same category, as has fuel emission from cars. The WHO established that extended cell phone radiation exposure is related to brain tumors including:

  • Glioma – a malignant form of brain cancer
  • Acoustic neuroma – a slow growing tumor of the nerve that connects the ear to the brain.

How Does This Effect a Pregnancy?

But what does that mean for women that use cell phones while they are pregnant? We are in contact with many possible carcinogenic substances every day and we can’t prevent our exposure from everything and live in a risk free world. But there is some information that is vital for pregnant women to learn.

While a baby is growing in the womb, they have a thinner skull and their bones and vital organs are still developing. There is concern that radiation can actually more deeply penetrate their brain tissue. In 2012, the Yale School of Medicine published a study that confirmed that pregnant women should not use cell phones while pregnant and should not store them anywhere near their abdomen. Women that are also wishing to conceive should probably exercise caution as well with excessive amounts of cell phone usage.

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