If I Am Just Surfing The Internet From My Cell Phone, Am I At Risk For Radiation?

If I Am Just Surfing The Internet From My Cell Phone, Am I At Risk For Radiation?

With the inclusion of browsing on the Internet on our fingertips, the world is literally just a finger swipe away. Everything you could ever want to learn about is readily available by grabbing your phone out of your pocket or purse and typing in whatever you want. While there are many benefits to have this type of information readily accessible, there are also some risks.

Cell phones do emit radiation and while the long-term effects of cell phone use are still not completely understood, there is affirmation that they emit radiation and have been classified as possibly carcinogenic by the World Health Organization.

Safety Guidelines

The only safety measure that is currently available is the SAR value or the specific absorption rate. And this is a faulty measurement of safety. The specific absorption rate only determines the thermal heating effect that is produced while using a cell phone. It does not give any indication of any damage that the cell phone and radiation emission is doing on a cellular level. True indicators of damage would be evaluated on the variety of biological effects that could be experienced by the body.

Length of Time

SAR is not a good indicator of protection during Internet browsing. It is not a good indicator of protection for regular cell phone use. Internet browsing tends to put you at risk of extended exposure to radiation because you are utilizing the cell phone for longer periods of time.

However, whatever portion of your body that the cell phone is closest to, is the portion of your body that will be most affected by the radiation. So, since most users will hold the phone away from their body while browsing the Internet, it may not be as risky as when it is making contact with your head while talking or being stored next to your body if in a pocket.

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