Illnesses Caused by Cellular Phones

The threat of cellular phones as a source of cancer is well known. Not only does the American Cancer Society contain a listing on cellular phones and do studies exist demonstrating the link between cellular phones and cancer, there are many other illnesses and conditions that cellular phones are believed to cause. See below for more information on the various illnesses that cell phones can cause. 

Cell Phone Illnesses

  • Cancer. There are numerous studies and links demonstrating the various types of cancers that can be caused by exposure to cell phones. While the link has not been conclusively proven, there continue to be an influx of studies and investigations demonstrating that exposure to the radiation emitted by wireless signals contributes towards cancer.
  • Accident Risks. Many individuals frequently check cellular phones while traveling, which, in the case of drivers, can distract motorists from the road and cause accidents. In other situations, unwanted events can occur while cell phone users are distracted by wireless technology.
  • Eye Problems. By gazing at the small mobile phone screens for hours at a time, a great strain is placed on individual’s eyes. These conditions can cause dry eyes and reddening of the pupils.
  • Hearing Impairment. Hearing loss is frequent among cell phone users because radiation exposure contributes to reduced hearing functions.
  • Heart Problems. Not only do studies suggest that there is a strong link between cancer and cellular phones, cellular phones have also been linked to heart diseases. Some studies suggest that the radiation emitted by wireless technology contributes greatly to heart abnormalities.
  • Infertility. Studies demonstrate that cell phone use can lead to male infertility by decreasing sperm count.
  • Skin Allergies. Many mobile phones typically have a sheen that contains metals that can produce allergic reactions in the skin of individuals.
  • Sleep Disorders. Several studies have found a link between mobile phone use and sleep disorders. Several of the risks include interrupted sleep patterns due to cell phones going off unexpectedly after midnight and the high use of mobile phones after midnight.
  • Infections. Cellular phones can carry millions of infectious germs and become highly contaminated by traveling in public.
  • Stress. The pressure to be always available by calling a cell phone adds greatly to the amount of pressure and stress experienced by individuals.

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