iPhone vs. Android: Does One Give Off More Radiation Than The Other?

iPhone vs. Android: Does One Give Off More Radiation Than The Other?

Every few months, the debate about whether or not cell phones cause cancer resurfaces. Many argue it’s not something that’s going away any time soon. In fact, there is a growing body of research specifically about the link between cell phone usage and cancer.

Specifically, the radiation emitted by cell phones is the cause of concern for many experts. Dr. Devra Davis, director and founder of the toxicology and environmental studies board of the National Academy of Sciences and founder of the Environmental Health Trust, contends that cell phone use may produce very tangible consequences on health, and that cancer is only a portion of the story.

Do cell phones emit radiation?

The National Cancer Institute reports that there are concerns about the cancer-causing radiation produced by cell phones. Three chief reasons people worry that cell phones cause specific types of cancer and various health issues:

  • Cell phones give off radio waves, which are non-ionizing radiation.
  • Tissues nearest to where a person holds their phone can absorb this radiation.
  • Cell phone users are constantly increasing, with over 303 million subscribers to cell providers in the United States alone.

iPhone vs. Android

After a recent publication by the World Health Organization recorded hazardous phones due to radiation level discharges, customers are now exercising more caution in choosing smartphones. Apple iPhones were mostly graded in the mid-level positions for radiation emission, while Android phones were scattered.

iPhone Products

How do Apple’s iPhone products compare with Android devices? In order of amount of radiation emission, this is a list of iPhone products:

  1. iPhone 3GS – highest level of radiation of 1.19 W/kg
  2. iPhone 4 – second highest level of radiation of 1.17 W/kg
  3. iPhone 3 – third highest level of radiation of 1.03 W/kg

Android Products

Compare the above with the 4 most popular Android devices:

  1. Motorola Droid  – highest level of radiation of 43 W/kg
  2. HTC G2 – second highest level of radiation of31 W/kg
  3. HTC myTouch 4G – tie for third highest level of radiation of 03 W/kg
  4. Evo 4G – tie for third highest level of radiation of 03 W/kg

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