Is Bluetooth Technology as Dangerous as Cell Phone Radiation?

Cell phones cause cellular damage by emitting radio frequency (RF) energy, which is absorbed by the body. This kind of low-frequency radioactivity is present in other kinds of technologies like microwaves, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. We know that holding a cell phone close to your body can cause oxidative stress and gene mutations, but can Bluetooth cause the same kind of damage?

How Does Bluetooth Radiation Work?

Bluetooth radiation uses pulsed radio frequency signals, which transmit pulses with rapid rise and fall times. There are three power classes for Bluetooth frequency levels, and each has a different type of radiation exposure. Class 1 transmitters are the most powerful, with ranges of 100 meters and peak transmission power of 100 milliwatts (mW). Class 2 transmitters are somewhere in the middle, with ranges of ten meters and peak transmission powers of 2.5 mW. Most mobile devices fall in this range. Class 3 transmitters are the weakest, operating in ranges of less than ten meters with peak transmission powers of one mW.

Is This Type of Radiation Dangerous?

The pulsed radio-frequency signals used in Bluetooth technology creates a rapid rate of change, which can cause biological damage by projecting calcium ions away from cell membranes, causing cells to leakClass 1 transmitters have similar exposure levels to cell phones when operated in close proximity to human tissue. Because Bluetooth headsets are typically used by holding the set close to the ear, this puts them in extremely close proximity to the brain, increasing the brain’s exposure to this pulsed radiation. The same type of cellular damage caused by a cell phone can occur with Bluetooth RF exposure. Some studies have reported that a single, two-hour exposure to Bluetooth radiation can cause leakage of the blood-brain barrier, occurring immediately and still present up to 50 days later. In addition, if you are using a Bluetooth headset while also using your cell phone in close proximity to your body, you will absorb the radiation from both devices, causing additional exposure and damage to your cells.

Alternatives to Bluetooth

Instead of using a Bluetooth headset, consider using your cell phone on speakerphone and holding the phone away from your face when you need to make calls. You can also use a radiation-free airtube headset to minimize outside noise when you need to talk on the phone but without the risk of additional radiation exposure.

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