Is There a Radiation-Proof Cell Phone Case?

Is There a Radiation-Proof Cell Phone Case?

Does radiation cause cancer? The short answer is yes. According to, X-rays and gamma rays in radiation are confirmed carcinogens, or cancer-causing agents. Studies of survivors from the atomic bomb explosion in Japan and the people exposed to the nuclear accident at Chernobyl show a clear connection between radiation and cancer risks and incidences. In fact, even people who receive radiation treatment for their cancer have an increased risk for other kinds of cancers later in life.

Cell Phones and Cancer

There’s no getting around it. Cell phones emit radiation. Radiation causes cancer. The more radiation you are exposed to, the greater your risk of developing cancer. If you use a cell phone on a daily and hourly basis, like so many individuals do, you are increasing your risk of developing cancer every minute.

What is a Radiation Proof Cell Phone Case?

A radiation proof cell phone case is a cell phone case that redirects the radio frequency (RF) emitted from cell phones away from your head. RF is the type of radiation emitted by cell phones that is thought to be a cancer-causing agent. Some of the different brands of Radiation Proof Cell Phone Cases are:

  • Pong – Cell Phone Radiation Case
  • Cellsafe – Anti-radiation Phone Cases
  • EMF – Shielding Devices for Cell Phones

How do radiation proof cell phone cases work?

Protective cell phone devices advertise that they redirect harmful radiation to point away from your head while the cell phone is in use. For example, the Pong Case contains “a micro-thin, gold antenna that redirects radiation away from you. This redirection reduces your exposure to mobile device radiation by up to five times below the FCC Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) limit without compromising your device’s ability to communicate” [i].

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