Leading Cancer Expert Warns Of Wireless Dangers

The Conversation is a news and information source that provides views from the academic and research community. As a result of the site’s thorough and investigative manner, many articles published in the Conversation are authoritative on the topic that is discussed. Recently, the Conversation published an article discussing cell phone cancer that was written by Dariusz Leszczynski.

Leszczynski is one of the foremost experts in the world on cancer research and was part of the Working Group of the International Agency for Research on Cancer that classified cell phone radiation as a potential carcinogen as early as 2011. At a time when some individuals are uncertain about the accuracy of recent studies about the carcinogenic effect of wireless technology, Leszczynski’s article raises some central issues about how individuals should view these potential studies.

How Cell Phone Radiation Increases The Risk Of Cancer Development

In his article, Leszczynski proposes that cell phone radiation likely increases the risk of cancer among individuals. Leszczynski believes that cell phone radiation’s role as a carcinogen is the explanation for several discrepancies found in recent cell phone studies.

This article also particularly focused on a May 2016 study conducted at the US National Toxicology Program. This study exposed rats and mice to frequencies in cellular

communications in the United States. The rats were exposed at a rate of ten minutes on, ten minutes off for a total of nine hours a day from the birth to two-year age gap of the rats. While the results of the study will not be completed until the end of 2017, the study’s findings have already found that cancers were caused among the exposed rats.

Indeed, the article concludes that even if mobile phone radiation does not directly cause cancer, long-term exposure to wireless signals very likely increases the risk of individuals developing cancer.

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