Maryland Parents Fight Back Against Cellphone Towers In Schools

The underfunding of America’s public schools has reached crisis levels in some states. Desperate for cash just to keep classrooms open, some school districts have turned to leasing portions of their property to telecommunications companies, who want the land to construct cell phone towers. Schools tend to be located in residential areas, and cell phone companies claim they need access to serve their customers. But many parents are rightly concerned that exposing their children to cellular radiation poses a significant risk to their long-term health.

DC Suburb Rejects New Cell Towers on Elementary School Land

A recent report by National Public Radio documented the boom in cell towers at schools in the affluent suburbs of Washington, DC. NPR said that “cell towers on seven school sites generated $112,139 in revenue for the schools in Prince George’s County,” which serves about 130,000 students and employs more than 34,000 teachers and support staff.

This past June, Milestone Communications abandoned plans to construct two more cell phone towers at elementary school sites in Prince George’s County following strong opposition from a number of residents. One member of the county school board said she “received more than 40 emails with complaints from residents of her district that were vehemently opposed to the tower proposal, as well as from teachers at the high school,” according to the Prince George’s Sentinel.

The Prince George’s school board said Millstone “withdrew” its application because of county policies that prevent “telecommunications facilities on elementary school sites.” But the county still permits tower construction on high school campuses.

Meanwhile, in neighboring Montgomery County, Maryland, NPR reported that a “growing number of parents” are opposed to cell towers at their children’s schools. One local PTA leader interviewed by NPR said she lost a daughter, who was under 2 years of age, due to pediatric leukemia. The mother said that following her tragic loss she “started to see Wi-Fi as an environmental pollutant” that may have contributed to her daughter’s disease and death.

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