Mass. Legislators Consider Banning Cellphones in Schools

The growing awareness of the health hazards posed by long-term exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF) generated by cell phones and related technologies has prompted a number of state legislatures to consider new measures to protect the public. In Massachusetts, for instance, more than half a dozen bills related to EMF have been introduced in the state’s General Court during the past year. On November 28, a legislative committee considering one of these bills heard testimony from witnesses who offered firsthand accounts of the toxic health effects they suffered due to EMF exposure.

Republican State Sen. Donald F. Humason, Jr., introduced S. 2079 and S. 2080, at the request of his constituents. (Massachusetts allows individual citizens to petition for consideration of a particular measure.) S. 2079 would direct the state’s education department to “promote the reduction of non-thermal non-ionizing radiation exposures to students and staff in public schools.” More specifically, the bill would ban the use of public school grounds–preschool thru 12th grade–for wireless transmissions, including cellphone towers and even personal devices in non-emergency situations. This would not affect the use of wired Internet or similar communications.

Should Doctors Diagnose EMR Disorders?

  1. 2080 focuses on doctors rather than schools. It would mandate physicians licensed by the state receive “updated, current training and education on the diagnosis, treatment, and care of patients” with EMR-related health conditions as part of their continuing education requirements. S. 2080 would also recognize electrohypersensitivity–a sensitivity to cell phone and other EMR-based fields–as a medical disorder.

The General Court held a public hearing on S. 2080 on November 21. A separate hearing on S. 2079 has been scheduled for December 11. At the S. 2080 hearing, several witnesses offered personal testimonials on how exposure to cell phone radiation harmed themselves or family members. One witness, an occupational therapist, said his nephew’s insomnia led him to look further into the health hazards posed by wireless radiation in schools. Another witness, a doctor, said she personally experienced illnesses due to EMF and other environmental toxins.

Taking the Cell Phone-Cancer Link Seriously

Even if the Massachusetts General Court ultimately takes no action on S. 2079 or S. 2080, the legislature’s willingness to hold hearings illustrates how political leaders around the country are taking more seriously the issue of EMRs and the health hazards they pose to the public. The scientific evidence continues to mount in support of a connection between cell phones and the development of cancer. If you believe such a connection has harmed you or a member of your family, call the cell phone cancer lawyers at Frasier, Frasier & Hickman, LLP, at (800) 522-4049 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation.

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