Municipal Governments Often Ignore Health Risks of Cellphone Towers

Around the world, telecommunications companies are constantly pushing to install more cellphone towers, even where there is no demonstrable need for them. Unfortunately, governments are often quick to side with the cellphone companies, even against the legitimate complaints and protests of their own citizens. Even as a growing body of international research suggests there are serious long-term health risks to exposure from cellphone and cell tower radiation, most national and local governments favor political expediency over the safety of their citizens.

South African Residents Oppose Building Towers Near Daycare, Nursing Facilities

For instance, in Waterfall City, South Africa, residents have mobilized against the construction of 115-foot cellphone tower just yards from a daycare facility. The company proposing the tower apparently never notified the daycare or other local residents of its plans. According to the daycare’s principal, she only learned of the project when a local security company charged with posting notices about the construction told her.

Another Waterfall resident opposed to the project told the press that there were was no explanation for why the tower was necessary, especially given that “there are already two towers within a kilometre radius of the proposed site.” This resident also said many members of the community did not receive a “registered letter informing them of the installation,” as required by South African law. However, a local official told the media that the cell tower company was allowed to notify residents beyond a 100-meter radius of their intentions via a notice in the newspaper.

This resident added that the Waterfall neighborhood’s population “consists of risk ‘targets’ when it comes to radiation poisoning,” such as young children, pregnant women, and the elderly. In fact, in addition to the daycare mentioned above, the site of the proposed tower is also near at least two retirement homes.

This is also not the only controversial cell tower project pending in South Africa. In the Johannesburg suburb of Craighall Park, residents complained recently that local officials ignored their concerns about a 10-story cell tower proposed for their neighborhood. One resident said the city government “ does not accept objections relating to health concerns…even though we feel these are relevant.”

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Even here in America, local governments can be surprisingly tone deaf when it comes to valid objections to the proliferation of cellphone towers in residential neighborhoods. But the health concerns over the long-term effects of cellphone radiation will not go away just because the politicians try to ignore the problem. If you suspect have developed cancer or another serious health condition and need advice from an experienced cellphone cancer attorney, contact the offices of Frasier, Frasier & Hickman, LLP, today.


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