New Study Links Cellular Technology to Cancer

An education institute released a report on May 26, 2016 that links the use of cellular technology to cancer. The report, based on a two-year study, demonstrates a potential link between cell phone radiation and two types of cancer in male rats. These two types of cancer include malignant gliomas in the brains and schwannomas in the hearts of the rats. The rats were exposed to cellular signals for nine hours each day from the time of conception to the rats’ death.

The study exposed the rats to either Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) or Code division multiple access (CDMA). Exposure to the GSM standard resulted in cases of malignant brain gliomas among many of the male rats. Meanwhile, exposure to radio waves using the CDMA standard often resulted in malignant gliomas. Female rats who were exposed to these radiation standards developed fewer brain and heart tumors. Heart schwannomas were observed in male rats exposed to both GSM and CDMA with CDMA radiation causing a higher level of heart tumors. Most of the brain gliomas were observed by researchers in rats shortly before death, while heart tumors were observed earlier on in the study. There were no cases of these tumors among the rats that were not exposed to either type of radiation.

The study is currently incomplete and research concerning the issue will be continued until 2017. The results of this study will likely prove groundbreaking in establishing the exact link between wireless technology and cancer.

Food And Drug Administration Tips

To limit exposure to cellular signals, the Food and Drug Administration suggests that an individual follows certain steps, including:

  • Hands-Free Kits. These kits may include headset and various accessories including belt clips, which can be used in combination to reduce cell phone exposure.
  • Limit. Limit the amount of time spent using cell phones as much as possible.
  • Speaker. Rather than speak directly into your cellular phone, use speaker mode or even a headset to reduce the distance between your head and the cellular device.

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