Pediatricians, Experts Continue to Examine Health Risks of Cellphones to Children

The idea that radiation exposure from cell phones is linked to cancer continues to gain attention in more and more parts of the United States. The Planet, a weekly newspaper based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, recently reported on a local panel of medical and technical experts convened to discuss the subject. Among the speakers was Dr. Devra Davis, whose has authored several books on cell phone radiation and its associated health risks. Davis told The Planet that in addition to radiation damage caused when cell phones are regularly used up against, the human body “also absorbs radiation from a phone when it’s in a pocket, or tucked in a bra.”

Keeping Your Family Safe From Cellphone Radiation

Other speakers at the Jackson Hole event addressed the growing body of research on the long-term impact of cell phone use on children. Theodora Scarato of the Environmental Health Trust told The Planet that prior to her own work on the issue, “[s]he had no idea that phones weren’t pre-market checks for radiation exposure for kids.” Scarato also said there was greater awareness of these issues outside the United States.

But that is not to say American health officials are completely silent. In June 2016 the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) published a statement saying the group “supports more research into how cell phone exposure affects human health long term, particularly children’s health.” The AAP noted that cellphone radiation affects children differently than adults as their “growing minds and bodies make them uniquely vulnerable to the effects of the environment around them.”

To minimize the potential health risks, the AAP offered a number of cell phone safety tips for children and parents alike, including:

  • Only use cell phones to make “short or essential calls.” When possible, text message instead.
  • When making a cell phone call, use the device “in speaker mode or with the use of hands-free kits.”
  • Do not carry your phone against your body in a “pocket, sock, or bra.”
  • Try to use your phone when it is at maximum signal strength (i.e. 4 or 5 bars). “The weaker your cell signal,” the AAP noted, “the harder your phone has to work and the more radiation it gives off.” For the same reason, do not use your cellphone in a place where it has to “get a signal through metal,” such as your car or an elevator.

Do You Suspect Your Cancer is Linked to Cellphone Use?

The reality is there is a lot we still do not know about cell phone radiation exposure. But if you have reason to believe that cancer or another serious health condition in your family may be linked to telecommunications radiation, you should speak with the qualified cell phone attorneys at Frasier, Frasier & Hickman, LLP, right away.

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