Reducing the Risk of Cell Phone Radiation Risks

Reducing the Risk of Cell Phone Radiation Risks

The National Cancer Institute reports that cell phones give off radiofrequency energy, which is a type of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation. This kind of radiation can be essentially soaked up by tissues nearest to the location the user holds the phone. The kind of technology or type of phone a user operates is what determines the exposure to radiation, as well as the distance between the phone’s antenna and the cell phone user.

Exposure can also depend on how long the phone call is or whether or not the user is texting or making a voice call. Consumers desperately need more research since cell phone technology and the way in which individuals use cell phones change so rapidly.

Why is radiation bad?

Some people claim minimal levels of radiation are beneficial for you while others claim there is no level of radiation that is truly harmless. Depending on the level of radiation to which one is exposed, many different symptoms can be experienced, at varying severities, including:

  • Decrease in blood cells
  • Increased risk of developing cancer
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Hair loss
  • Loss of appetite
  • Death 

Reducing Radiation

There is a very good reason X-ray technicians have to wear protective vests and remain behind barriers when performing their duties on patients. They are trying to limit their exposure to radiation. Unless you absolutely must get an X-ray, it’s recommended that you do not expose yourself to the radiation. If you have a child that needs an X-ray, the technician will ask you to step outside the room while the machine is in use. Reducing your exposure to radiation is a simple and completely achievable way every one of us can reduce our personal risk of developing cancer.

Reducing Radiation and Cell Phone Use

Obviously, limiting cell phone use will reduce your overall exposure to radiation. Other ways you can limit your contact with radiation are:

  • Using a head set rather than holding the phone directly to your head
  • Using a radiation proof cell phone case

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