RF Safe Updates Guide Regarding Cell Phone Radiation

The world’s leader in providing cell phone radiation protection, RF Safe, or Radio Frequency Safe, is an organization that since 1998 has been consistently up to date on informing consumers about the dangers presented by development in cell phone and wireless technology. RF Safe recently revised its safety guidelines to reflect the most recent information regarding the dangers presented by cell phones.

The Dangers Of The Galaxy 7

The most recent update to RF Safe’s safety guidelines was made in response to the Galaxy Note 7, a defective Samsung cell phone that has been known to catch on fire. After several reports about the dangers of the Galaxy Note 7, Samsung issued a global recall of the product which resulted in a $5.3 billion loss for Samsung. The US Department of Transportation and federal agencies have also issued an emergency ban on the Galaxy 7 including a regulation that prohibits individuals from stowing the Samsung 7 during flights. RF Safe’s CEO has urged consumers that the Samsung Note 7 is not the only device that can burn individuals and that all consumers should be aware of this concern.

RF Safe’s Revisions

RF Safe updated its guidelines regarding microwave radiation safety in order to reflect several concerns, which include the following:

  • Limit The Length Of Phone Calls. Extended use of cell phones increases a consumer’s exposure to the radiation emitted by the device. By reducing the amount of time spent on a cell phone, a consumer can reduce exposure to deadly radiation.
  • Specific Absorption Rates. Consumers should select devices with the lowest possible Specific Absorption Rate. The recently released iPhone 7 emits twice the amount of radiation as compared to the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Information about a cell phone’s Specific Absorption Rate can be found in the user’s manual of your device and the cell phone manufacturer’s website.
  • Turn The Cellular Phone Off When Not In Use. A cell phone placed in standby mode is still emitting radiation. Cellular phones that are turned off cease emitting this type of radiation. RF Safe advises consumers to not keep cellular phones for an extended period of time near one’s vital organs.

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