Scientific Studies

Scientific Studies

The everyday use of cell phones and mobile devices is a relatively new phenomenon. While researchers have long suspected there may be negative consequences involved with extensive cell phone use, there have not been decades of statistics and data available until recently.  Not only has individual cell phone and mobile device usage increased over time, the total number of cell phone users has increased.

According to the Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association the number of cell phone users almost tripled in the United States over last decade. Recent statistics show more than 300 million cell phone subscribers in the US alone.

The National Cancer Institute talks about the cancer concerns many have had about cell phones and other wireless devices from the beginning.

“Cell phones emit radiofrequency energy, a form of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation, which can be absorbed by tissues
closest to where the phone is held.”

 The technology of the phone is said to play a factor in the amount of exposure to radiofrequency energy each cell phone user experiences. For many years, researchers found concerning data but were unable to make a definitive connection between cell phone use and cancer.  Here are the results of the most up-to-date research as it pertains to cell phone cancer.

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