The Hidden Danger: Reading the Fine Print for Cellular Phones

As various reports are released to the public, the evidence that cellular phones pose potential health risks is becoming increasingly easier to find. All that one needs to do nowadays is examine the fine print of the manuals that come with cellular phones to discover that even the manufacturers of cell phones are beginning to warn about these dangers. This article will discuss the fine print warnings provided with three of the most popular cellular devices, and then analyze the impact these warnings have on the consumer.

The Fine Print Warnings in Three Popular Cellular Devices

Many consumers do not pause to read the fine print for iPhones, Blackberries, and Samsung smartphones. These warnings, however, are enlightening about the dangers presented by radiation born from wireless technology.

  • iPhone. The manual for iPhones requests that consumers follow Federal Communications Commission guidelines by always keeping the iPhone at least ⅝ inch away from one’s body. The fine print further requests consumers not wear carrying cases, belt clips, or holders that include metal parts.


  • Blackberry. Consumers who read the manual to one of the most popular Blackberry models are requested to keep the device .98 inches away from one’s body at all time.


  • Samsung. The manual to one of Samsung’s recent models states similar requirements about keep the device a certain distance from one’s body at all time. Interestingly, the manual makes certain further requirements for individuals who wear pacemakers.

What to Learn from the Fine Print

Consumers are required to keep cell phones a certain distance from the body to prevent receiving radiation exposure above Federal Communications Commission levels. If a consumer holds the device closer to the body, they are exposed to radiation higher than government allowable levels. Even if one follows these directions, however, cellular phones still pose many other long-term exposure risks. Not to mention, these distances are calculated based on the assumption that the consumer is a 220-pound male, which means that the distances required by the manual are insufficient if you weigh less than this amount.

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