The Looming Health Risks of 5G Technology

In early March, the passage of the Mobile Now Act suggests that the United States government, including both the Senate and Federal Communications Commission, plans to expand 5G mobile broadband throughout the country. While many parties are focused on the potential advantages that 5G speed will provide for technology and communications, there are many experts who already beginning to predict that the implementation of 5G technology throughout the country will pose greater health risks than wireless technology already does.

New York University Study

In 2015, analysts at New York University argued in a report for revised safety metrics based on body temperature opposed to standard power density. 5G networks, however, will be built around standard power density, which threatens both individual health and the environment. Because future devices using 5G will operate on a spectrum with different qualities than today’s wireless broadband, researchers behind the study also express the dire need for the Federal Communications Commission to review and adjust its policies accordingly. One of the rules that researchers articulated must be updated is that the current Federal Communications Commission standards do not specify limits above 100 GHz, which wireless networks will inevitably use as technology continues to improve.

Massey University Study

New York University is not the only center arguing for changes in current safety standards regarding the potential threat of 5G. Massey University in New Zealand is in the process of conducting an investigation, “Analyzing Harmful Electromagnetic Exposure Due to Future Millimeter Wave Transmissions,” to reveal exactly what negative impact 5G will have on human health. The principal investigator behind the program has expressed the potential impact that the study could have including required structural changes if 5G is proven to have adverse health consequences. The likely danger by 5G is that network changes will require an increase in the number of wireless transmitters used. Early announcements of the study also suggest that 5G might bring our country dangerously close to exceeding the defined limits for power density, which could very well threaten the health of individuals to a degree not yet seen. Cell Phone Cancer could continue to become a more common occurrence. 

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