The Negative Impact of Cell Phones on Men’s Reproductive Health

What Does The Research Prove?

A landmark study in 2013 by the Central European Journal of Urology showed that men with erectile dysfunction carried a cell phone for longer periods of time than men without erectile dysfunction.

Also in 2013, the BC Center for Disease Control reported a direct link between cell phone usage and decreased sperm mortality.

More recent research has consistently demonstrated that cell phones can cause a host of reproductive issue for men, including reduced sperm count, damaged sperm DNA, and increased erectile dysfunction. One of these studies includes a 2014 report demonstrating a link between cell phone use and lowered sperm concentration.

What Can Men Do?

The Environmental Trust recently outlined several steps that men can take to combat the negative impact that cell phones have on male reproductive health.

    1. Keep Devices at a Distance: Nearly all directions that come with wireless technology recommend keeping the devices at least some distance from the human body. Additionally, make sure to turn off the devices when not in use and place them close to your body, such as in a pocket or tucked into a jacket.
    2. Use Non-Wireless Connections: Whenever possible, make sure to use wired technology over wireless features to reduce exposure to wireless radiation.
    3. Turn Off Technology: Whenever you aren’t actively using wireless technology, turn off your wireless devices. Some devices still emit short impulses of radiation when turned off, so also make sure to unplug devices whenever possible.
    4. Airplane Mode: When you do use a turned-on cell phone, put the device in Airplane mode and ensure that Wi-Fi is turned off to further reduce exposure to cell phone radiation.
    5. Drive with Devices Turned Off: Not only can cell phones distract automobile drivers, cell phones emit higher power radiation during travel and create radiation hot spots.

When practicing these steps, it is wise to remember that radiation has a cumulative effect so the more often men choose to turn off wireless technology the less of a chance exists that cell phones will negatively impact male reproductive health.

Consult an Attorney

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