The Potential Dangers for Children from Cell Phone Radiation

At the recent Pediatric Academic Societies annual meeting in Baltimore, researchers from Harvard and Yale demonstrated several studies suggesting that pregnant mothers can expose their unborn babies to harmful radiation by staying close to cell phones. The researchers also announced that the International Agency for Research on Cancer has classified microwave and radio frequency as potential carcinogens.

What are the Studies?

Several studies demonstrate the negative impact that wireless technology can have on children. 

In one study, Doctor Hugh Taylor of Yale School of Medicine found that pregnant mice exposed to cell phone waves gave birth to mice who had decreased memory and were hyperactive.

In a second study, Doctor Martha Herbert of Harvard University demonstrated a strong relationship between the biological factors that cause autism and the wireless frequency electromagnetic fields. 

Overall, the best thing for your children, by far, is to limit the amount of time they spend on electronics for their own personal development.

What’s Been Proven So Far?

The little research that exists demonstrates that a negative impact exists when youth are exposure microwave radiation and radiation waves from wireless technologies like cell phones.

Doctor Devras Davis, president of the Environmental Health Truth, went so far as to say at the event, “The weight of the evidence is clear; cell phones do cause brain cancer.” Because children absorb twice as much radiation as adults, children must be extra cautious around wireless technology.

Is There Anything That Can Be Done?

Pregnant mothers should do their best to keep unborn babies away from wireless devices. Expecting mothers should especially keep cell phones away from the abdomen, warned Doctor Davis. Doctor Davis demonstrated that if young mothers hold cell phones merely a few inches further away from the abdomen, the risks of damage caused by wireless technology is limited. Instead of talking directly into cell phones, Doctor Davis recommends that young mothers use headsets to keep cell phones as far away as possible.

Mothers should keep young children away from wireless monitors. It is also good practice to limit a child’s exposure to wireless technology. Another researcher at the event recommended that people not put cell phones in their pockets due to the negative impact of radiation.

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