The Right To Know Law and Information about Risks

Recently Berkley, California, passed a law that will require cell phone stores to inform customers about risks and safety recommendations. This Right To Know Law has resurrected a decade’s long debate about whether or not cell phones cause brain tumors.

 What Information is Required?

Retailers will be required to give customers a handout, or display a sign in the store, telling them about federal guidelines on the amount of radiation that cell phones can emit and the instructions on safe phone use.

The lawyers and clinicians involved in creating this new law say that it was created to help make customers aware of the of already existing federal regulations. The information provided will also go beyond the guidelines that do exist. It will also be made know that children and anyone carrying their phone in their pocket or bra could be at an increased risked of radiation exposure.

 What Information is Not Required?

What this new law does not require is that consumers be provided information about the specific health risks of being exposed to radiation. However, most of the medical community does believe that long term cell phone use does cause brain tumors over time.

 Link between Cell Phone Use and Tumors

In 2011, the World Health Organization classified the kind of low-energy radiation that cell phones emit as “possibly carcinogenic” because of a link between cell phone use and a type of malignant tumor called glioma and a benign brain tumor called acoustic neuroma.

Both types of brain tumors are rare. About 5 in 10,000 adults are diagnosed with glioma in the United States every year, whereas about 10 in a million people could develop acoustic neuromas every year.

With this WHO classification it puts cell phones on the same level of cancer risk as caffeine and pickled vegetables. The position of numerous health organizations, including the American Cancer Society and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, is even more measured, stating that current evidence is not conclusive and more research is needed.

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