Top Three Ways To Protect Yourself From Cell Phone Cancer

Top Three Ways To Protect Yourself From Cell Phone Cancer

An estimated 1.8 billion cell phones were sold worldwide in 2013 according to statistics supplied by Gartner, Inc.. The use of cell phones in popular culture over the last 10 to 20 years is nothing short of staggering. As many people start to question the social implications of cell phone use, in turn the health implications are a topic coming to the forefront as well. Cell phones emit radiation, and unlike other devices cell phones are often kept on with the owner the majority of their day and often through the night. The key in to reducing the risk of cell phone cancer is limit the direct exposure to the radiation they give off. Here three simple ways to limit your exposer.

Don’t Sleep With Your Phone

It is difficult sometimes to cut ties with technology, but plugging your phone in next to your bed at night exposes you to radiation for 7-8 hours a night unnecessarily. If you are worried about missing an emergency phone call or using your phone as an alarm, simple place your phone on the other side of the room while sleeping.

Leave Your Phone In Your Car

That’s right; leave your phone in the car. If you have a meeting, are going to lunch, or headed out on a date; don’t take your phone inside. Not only is it distracting, but it is completely unnecessary to keep your phone on you when you have no intention of actually using it. Unless there a pending emergency, there is nothing that can’t wait an hour to address.

Turn It Off With Purpose 

Many times hours are spent on cell phones out of shear boredom. Being intentional about your time and creating planned engagements with friends and family is a great way to step away from technology. If you have kids, follow the advice of you parents and go outside and play. If you are single read a book, go for a walk, and call some friends for an afternoon out. Choose times intentionally when you step away from technology have some fun.

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