What Part of the Cell Phone Emits Radiation?

What part of the cell phone emits radiation?

Cellular devices work by sending and receiving signals to and from cell towers or “base stations”. These signals are made of Radio-Frequency Waves or RF waves. These waves are similar to microwaves and are “non-iodizing” waves. This means that they are not strong enough to break up and alter the structure of DNA in humans.

These RF waves CAN however absorbed into the body and may cause something called dielectric heating, in which any dielectric material (Such as living tissue) is heated by the electromagnetic field emitted by the waves. Most of the time the temperature is not enough to notice but the long term affects are being studied. These waves are a form of radiation.

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Cell Phone Radiation Facts

The cell phone antenna is what sends and receives these signals, or waves, and is internal in modern cell phone models. The FCC has placed limitations on the amount of radiation that may be absorbed by consumers by regulating something called the Specific Absorption Rate or SAR. These numbers are tested by manufacturers before distribution of their products but are not always consistent. The amount of RF waves being transmitted and thereby absorbed, depends on several factors such as:

  • The distance of the device to the consumer’s body: The closer the body is to the source of the radiation the more it can be absorbed. Using a Bluetooth or other hands free device is recommended to reduce the exposure.
  • The distance to the cell tower: The further the device is from the tower, the stronger the signal must be to transmit thereby increasing the amount of radiation as well.
  • The traffic in the area: Again, the more power needed to obtain a signal the more RF waves used. The more people in the area using a particular tower the more power it must create to satisfy the demand.
  • Above/Below ground or Inside/Outside: Again, the strength of the signal that is needed to supply the device the more exposure.
  • The age of the cell being used: The FCC regulates the SAR allowed and manufacturers have to prove that they are within the guidelines before production and distribution is allowed but if you have an older model of phone it may have been made before current regulations were put in place. This may mean higher SAR levels.

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