The White House And FCC Support Dangerous 5G Technology

The White House has decided to contribute $400 million into the Advanced Wireless Research Initiative, which is designed to increase development of 5G wireless technology within the United States. The Federal Communications Commission last week also voted to adopt new rules opening up existing spectrums for 5G high-speed broadband technology, which will make the internet roughly 100 times faster. The Federal Communications Commission has expressed that 5G technology will be an important aspect in the country’s growth. Scientists have begun to warn about the decision of the White House and Federal Communications Commission to implement 5G technology without first ensuring that this type of technology is safe for everyone within the United States.

Harmful Effects Of The Technology

In an open letter to the Federal Communications Commission, one scientist who was educated at Johns Hopkins University addressed the various harmful effects potentially presented by 5G technology. While the open letter did not extend to reviewing the various ways that 5G technology can harm individuals, the letter urged that 5G systems must be adequately researched before the technology is studied further.

Several studies concerning the dangers presented by 5G technology are currently underway. Massey University in New Zealand is performing a comprehensive study of 5G technology, but this study will not be complete until 2017.

It is greatly important to understand the various risks presented by 5G technology because 5G will implement a higher frequency and be deployed much more densely than previous cellular networks. As a result of this unprecedented technology, 5G presents an unknown danger to those who live within the United States.

Many scientists and researchers continue to comment that the Federal Communications Commission has failed to issue regulations regarding this new type of frequency because the Federal Communications Commission only has restrictions in place regarding the thermal effects of 5G technology. These researchers argue that the Federal Communications Commission has failed to take into considerations the harm that 5G might pose as a carcinogen and a neurological agent on individuals who live within the United States.

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As 5G technology continues to be implemented throughout the United States due to the support from the Federal Communications Commission and the White House, it is important that individuals who use 5G understand the most recent health updates about the effects that 5G technology might have on residents. If you need more information on dangers of cell phone exposure or believe you have suffered due to the effects of cellular technology, contact the experienced cell phone cancer attorneys at Frasier, Frasier & Hickman, LLP at 918-548-4724 or contact us online today for answers to your questions.


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