Will using a bluetooth device keep me from getting cancer from my cell phone?

Will using a bluetooth device keep me from getting cancer from my cell phone?

The World Health Organization’s report that says cell phone use is “possibly carcinogenic to humans, based on an increased risk for glioma, a malignant type of brain cancer.” Was released in 2011 and confirmed what many people have argued about for years in regards to the potential of cellular devices contributing to cancer. While stating that more research will be required to confirm the link, these experts are recommending that cell-phone users “take pragmatic measures to reduce exposure such as hands‐free devices or texting.”

A commonly used hands free device is the Blue Tooth.

What is a blue tooth device?

Bluetooth is a low-energy wireless specification that is commonly used today for syncing up mobile devices with headsets or for wirelessly networking PCs with mice and printers. A blue tooth device for your cell phone can be either a headset or an earpiece placed in the ear and transmits a signal from your cell phone to the device.

Why is a blue tooth device considered safer?

A signal from a cell tower to your cellphone has to typically travel several miles, it needs to be much stronger emitting a higher concentration of microwaves. Because the signal from the blue tooth device travels from your cell phone to your ear, a few feet at most, is much weaker (only about 1/1000) than the signal your cell phone receives from the tower.

It has been said that Bluetooth as a low-power technology could reduce the risk of cellphone-induced brain cancer by allowing users to talk into their handsets at a distance instead of holding them directly up to their heads.

“[T]here is no need to hold that cell phone to your ear,” says the director of the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) Mike Foley.”Bluetooth wireless headsets offer a safer solution. Why not err on the side of caution and go blue?”

With the exponential increase in cell phone usage and many households not even having a land line any longer it is highly recommended that those exclusive cell phone users reduce their risk of cancer by utilizing the hands free devices.

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