Wireless Technology on Your Children

Recently, a conclusive study was performed demonstrating the link between wireless signals and cancer in rats, wherein the rats developed malignant tumors of the brain and heart after exposure to wireless on the same bandwidth used by many cell phone users. And for children, the dangers of wireless technology are becoming more widespread. Despite many warning signs that wireless signals cause cancer, the United States government is launching various initiatives throughout the country providing school children with increased access to wireless to technology. This article will explore some simple basic techniques that can be followed to keep children safe (or safer) from the dangers of wireless technology and cell phone cancer:

Helpful Tips To Reduce Cell Phone Radiation With Children

  • Buy a Good Cell Phone Case. There are cell phone cases that reduce some of the emissions produced by cellular phones. As a result, study and buy an appropriate case in which to store your cell phone.
  • Keep Your Distance. Always make sure that your children maintain as far a distance as possible whenever the device is in use. Never hesitate to turn the cellular phone’s speaker device on or use a wireless headset while the child is using the device. Also never let the child store the phone in a pants or breast pocket; instead, leave the phone in a space that is further away from you. Also never let the child sleep with the phone stashed under a pillow.
  • Limit Use. Simply put, limit the use that your children have on cellular phones. Several methods can be used to implement this practice including using landlines for most phone calls, never offering the phone as a toy so the children can play with applications on the phone while you run errands, or, if your children do decide to play with games on a cellular phone, simply switching the device to airplane mode so that the wireless signals are turned off on the device.
  • Text. Because texting involves less radiation than voice calls, tell your children to text rather than call on the phone whenever possible.
  • Use a Strong Signal. Because radiation levels are highest when the signal is the weakest, make sure that your children use the phone only when there is a strong signal.

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