Woman Seeks To Make Whole Town Opposed to Wireless Technology

It is increasingly common for individuals to protest the installation of a specific wireless tower, but one British woman in Granada is taking things to an unprecedented level and campaigning to have wireless technology removed from her town of Polopus altogether because exposure to this type of technology threatens the woman’s life. The woman cannot even stay in many hotels or eat in restaurants that use wireless technology. This woman has launched a campaign to minimize the risk of electromagnetic radiation exposure throughout her town. Forced to remove mobile phones and wireless computers from her property due to electrosensitivity, the woman has taken her own personal sensitivity as a reason to campaign about the education of others regarding her condition. The woman, who is British by birth, reports that the town’s mayor is seriously considering the proposal to entirely remove wireless technology from the town. The town’s mayor has even proposed the idea of limiting the hours of access in the village to wireless technology by placing timer switches on the school’s routers.

New Study Speaks About Documented Dangers of Cell Phones

The development of science and technology like wireless computers and cellular phones is likely to result in at least some disadvantages for individuals. It remains to be decided, however, the exact harm presented by wireless and cellular technology. The results of a new study were recently published in December in the Chinese Neurosurgical Journal. Written by Lige Leng, this research is called “The relationship between mobile phone and risk of brain tumor,” which attempts to identify whether a relationship exists between mobile phone use and the risk of brain tumors. The study found that most calculations show a trend of increasing risk for the time since an individual first uses a wireless device The study, however, concludes by noting that a longer observation time is required to determine the exact negative effects that mobile phones have on users.

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