What Causes Cell
Phone Cancer?

There is a concern with rising cell phone use–safety–whether cell phone use is associated with cancer. The concern is especially pointed with regard to the rise in cell phone use by children. Children have thinner bone structures and a less stable system.

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Scientific Study on Cell Phone Cancer

The World Health Organization ("WHO") is generally considered in the scientific community as the best word on cancer-causing agents. In the case of cell phones, the WHO recently upgraded the risk to a "2­B" rating–possibly carcinogenic. In scientific lingo this has been interpreted to mean that cell phones "more probably than not" cause. There are two main kinds of tumors suspected as growing out of cell phone use. One is a glioblastoma,which is a fast­-growing cancer of the brain. The other is acoustic neuroma, which is a non­-cancerous tumor. Scientific studies have shown a correlation of these two kinds of tumors with cell phone use. As cell phone use grows and exposure time to cell phones increases, the science is pointing more and more towards causation. The recent studies show not only an increasing link between cell phone use and cancer, but an increase in cancer among children by a factor of five times from cell.

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